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A Very Good Boy: Scout

We got Scout about 6 years ago, when Asher was still a baby. June 25th, 2012 to be exact. He’s definitely part of our family, as anyone with a dog would know. Scout (or Scouty or Scouty P.) is a black lab mixed with some mystery breed that gives him a stumpy/squished tail (kinda like an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog or Brittany Spaniel).

We got Scout from the local shelter. We would never actually buy a dog when there are so many in need of a good home. When we met Scout, one hot summer day, he seemed like a good dog: friendly, good with our kids, etc. We immediately signed the papers, and took him home. He was about a year old at that time. It was only a few days later at the vet that we discovered he had heartworm! No wonder he was so laid back and chill. He had no energy to be a puppy!

Heartworm treatment consists of a series of shots to kill the little buggers. It is an expensive treatment, especially when you have 3 kids to support. We ended up taking Scout to an awesome clinic (the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League) in a neighboring town where they provide low cost vet services. They were willing to give Scout the heartworm shots to cure this horrible disease. I took Scout over there every morning for a week or two, and picked him up after work. The clinic was a life saver! We can’t thank them enough.

With the heartworms cured, Scout turned into a medium-sized black-furred dynamo of puppy energy. Our kids loved it.

Currently, Scout is a Very Good Boy. Everyone always comments on how good he is. He is patient with the kids and very friendly with other dogs and people. He spends his days sleeping and chewing rawhides, and playing. Scout is probably about 7 or so. He is starting to get a little gray around his muzzle. 🙁

Scout’s only vice is food. He loves food. If we could hear his thoughts they would probably go like this “Hungry! Hungry! Hungry! Pet me! Hungry! Bone! Pet me! Hungry!” His favorite types of foods consist of: sticks of butter, loaves of bread, pans of brownies (see a trend?), granola bars, lettuce, and frozen peas. Most of these he turns into an acrobat for and steals from our counters (except for lettuce and frozen peas). He is a horrible counter surfer. We’ve tried different things to stop him, but nothing deters his surfin’.

Due to his eating habits Scout is quite heavy. We really need to take him on more walks! And keep the pantry door shut…

Tomorrow is the anniversary of us getting Scout. It’s his unofficial birthday. So, happy birthday Scout! We ❤ you!

IMG 3761
Scouty P. – reclining after a busy day of chewing bones.

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