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Summer Sale Bash!

Summer Sale!To celebrate the beginning of summer (and our first year re-launch anniversary) we’re having a sale! You can take 15% off ANYTHING in the store, including all invitations/announcement, t-shirts, and prints.

Just use the code:


to apply the discount to your order.

The sale goes through August 31, 2019 so order today! 🙂

Here are some of my favorite items that I have for sale! There’s a ton more available in the store.

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“Parsley Worms”

Every year we grow some vegetables and herbs in a small garden out back. This year we had tomatoes and parsley. (I know, pretty pitiful for a garden, but we don’t have that much space!)  A few weeks ago, Angie noticed some little itty bitty worms on the parsley. We thought these were just some pests that needed to be eradicated. After doing some Googling, she discovered we actually had baby swallowtail butterflies!

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Treetop Shenanigans

James and Quinn on a treetop platform

Yesterday Angie and I took the boys to Go Ape in Western Springs. We all had a blast! James complained a bit about having to go on the Junior course, but after we started on it, he stopped complaining. 🙂 Quinn seemed OK with going, even though in the past he has mentioned a fear of heights. Asher was very excited. He kept mentioning how he’s a big parkour fan, and this was perfect for him…

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