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A Very Good Boy: Scout

We got Scout about 6 years ago, when Asher was still a baby. June 25th, 2012 to be exact. He’s definitely part of our family, as anyone with a dog would know. Scout (or Scouty or Scouty P.) is a black lab mixed with some mystery breed that gives him a stumpy/squished tail (kinda like an Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog or Brittany Spaniel).

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Gone Fishing!

Last Saturday I took the boys to a kids’ fishing derby at Maple Lane Farms in Yorkville, IL (about an hour west of Chicago). Every year in June they hold one of these, and it’s a great experience for kids. They stock their pond with fish so you’re almost guaranteed to catch something. There were also experts on hand to help bait hooks and release fish, poles to rent, and free bait. They also had a “critter pond” with a snapping turtle, lots of bullfrogs, and some red eared sliders. Like I said, it was a great experience.

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Old Blog, meet New Blog

I discovered the old Happy Little Monsters blog that my wife, Angie, kept back in 2011. Thank you Internet Archive! Their Wayback Machine is awesome. Seriously.

Anyway, I figured I would port over all the old posts to this new blog. I figure, why not? I’d rather it all be kept alive and well then lost in the dusty corners of the interwebs.

So, coming soon, there will be several posts on our family back in 2011. It’s pretty good stuff. 🙂 Of course, I’ll be post…dating… pre-dating it back to 2011. So, it will almost be like time traveling! Almost.

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We’re Baaaaa-aaack!

In 2010, Angie (my wife) and I started a small business called Happy Little Monsters. She made really cute hair bows and I made birthday invitations and birth announcements. It was a fun gig. We launched a web site, had an Etsy store, and attended some local craft shows. We did work for a lot of people and made some money. Then, our third son was born. Needless to say, we were not ready! (We really thought we were, but we were sorely mistaken!) Now with 3 boys (and a dog), our world turn upside down, albeit in a good way. 🙂

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Asher: Your Birth Story

Asher close-up

Your birth story starts way before you were here, back in summer of 2010. I found out I was pregnant and was thrilled. I wanted to have our third baby around the time I was 35, and my due date was May 17th. What’s that? Your birthday is in September? I know, dear one, your birth story starts with a birth story that isn’t even yours.

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Life with BOYS – James

Cool James

James our now 7 year old, is our first born. We thought we knew what to expect before having him, but OH! were we wrong. James had classic colic: three hours of crying EVERY night from weeks 3-9? It’s really all a blur now. I do know that the comment was made AT THE HOSPITAL when he was 2 days old that the nurses had never seen a newborn awake and alert so much. We should’ve known then…

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Visit with Santa

We live by an awesome place called Phillips Park, which is run by our park district. I have gone there since I was little. It is a very small zoo, but you can tell the staff that work there really enjoy what they do and do their best to give the animals a nice home. AND they have an awesome playground area. AND it’s free!  High score for us!

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Christmas Program

Last week the boys had their Christmas program at school. I was forewarned that over 300 people had RSVP’d which put me in a panic.

“Is that even safe with fire codes?” “Do you remember the little angel school story in Chicago in the early 1900s?” “There is NO parking for that many people” “How am I going to feed these little people dinner, get them ready and back to school by myself?” “oh GOD, Asher please behave”

Put that on auto-repeat, and you have what went around and around in my head that whole day.

It ended up FINE! I spent the day nursing, showering, getting the boy’s clothes ironed, and making a baby nap. We picked up the boys, ate early and got to school early with Gramma. There were PLENTY of seats, so I picked out an “I-can-make-an-easy-exit-with-a-screaming-baby” aisle seat that was still close enough that my poor eyes could make out my children on stage.

Asher was a peach. (That’s not even sarcasm). I don’t know if it was the snowflake lights or the nice singing, but he didn’t even flinch. He didn’t even get fussy until after they were done and when I made my way to the exit, he was asleep by the time I hit the back of the gym. Everyone clap for Asher!!!

James wanted us to get him a babysitter because he was afraid, “Asher (was) going to embarrass” him by crying in front of the whole school. Poor boy. He later thanked his baby brother for being so good. With three kiddos, and one eternally in someone’s arms, we found it hard to take pictures, but here’s what was managed…

Quinn and James looking handsome! The three boys in matching ties

It takes a discerning eye, but all three boys are wearing matching ties! I made them all from one 0.60 thrifted tie!

Gramma & Asher

Asher patiently waiting for the festivities to begin…

James and classmates

I love that in the midst of all these grades getting onto the stage, James is the only one in this grainy shot looking at the audience!

Quinn shielding his eyes

Quinn is in the very front shielding  his eyes from what he later called “lights as bright as the sun.” Check out some of the expressions on these other kiddos faces- priceless!