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Gone Fishing!

Last Saturday I took the boys to a kids’ fishing derby at Maple Lane Farms in Yorkville, IL (about an hour west of Chicago). Every year in June they hold one of these, and it’s a great experience for kids. They stock their pond with fish so you’re almost guaranteed to catch something. There were also experts on hand to help bait hooks and release fish, poles to rent, and free bait. They also had a “critter pond” with a snapping turtle, lots of bullfrogs, and some red eared sliders. Like I said, it was a great experience.

We brought two of our own poles, with hooks, and grabbed some night-crawlers from the bait area. The boys weren’t too keen at first on baiting the hooks, but after a bit, James stepped right up and started skewering worms with me. We also tried minnows as bait, which I had never done before. That was hard to do 1) because their little eyes stared straight into my soul as I pierced there tail ends with a hook 🙁 , and 2) they wriggle around like crazy (which I don’t blame them for).

We had some trouble with our poles, so we ended up renting one (for free) from the farm. James ended up catching 3 fish! (I have no clue what he caught since I do not fish myself. All I know is they had scales and gills and were pretty darn big.) He said he liked fishing and wanted to do more of it! Unfortunately, Asher and Quinn didn’t catch anything. This was a bummer because it was Asher’s first time fishing. It was Quinn’s second, but I still felt bad that they didn’t get any bites.

Overall it was a good day. I highly recommend taking your kids to this free event.

James with his catch
James displaying his first catch of the day. I had to get the hook out. (not easy!)

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