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Life with BOYS- Asher

I was a tea party and dolls kind of girl. I climbed trees and all that, but even outside, I had tomato families to play house with. So, of course, this girl, the one who couldn’t leave her house in adulthood without make up on, should have three little pigs boys.

I live in a grade school frat house. At any given time, someone is naked, there is at least one pair of underwear visible to an unsuspecting visitor, and the volume is high enough to rival a toddler toy. Things were pseudo-under-control with the two boys, and then came Asher.

asher in sock
photo credit: Dawn Batchelor @ Live Laugh Photograph

Who said #3 would be a piece of cake? A roll with the punches kinda baby? Well, a lot of people told me that. oh we love this sweet baby. He coos and gurgles in conversation. He lets me sing any song that I want and even likes it. He already looks up to his big brothers, and seems to be highly tolerant to the noise level. But he is not, I repeat not, an easy baby.

Asher has been cursed with acid reflux like his momma. He is a zealous eater, slurping and gulping with a flair only a boy could have, and then it hits. A belch that should never be heard from an infant, followed by gas that makes him sound like a 40 year old overweight man on a fast food bender. Zantac has helped wonders with the reflux, but those other two issues, I think those are here to stay.

Asher hates the car. I don’t mean that he doesn’t care for it…He HATES it. It is his sworn enemy. I have never heard a baby cry like I have heard come from Asher in a car ride. and I have heard a lot of babies cry. Did I mention that I take his brothers to AND from school everyday? Poor baby. I’ve developed some sort of Pavlovian response to being in the car, where I dread it, or even the thought of having to put him in the car. It’s become painful for both of us. In an attempt to appease the prince, he has a mirror, an aquarium and a toy arch to view. It has made it better, unless he’s tired. Is he the only baby in the world that doesn’t like to sleep in the car?

Asher by three months:

  • hates footie pajamas
  • has smiled and laughed in his sleep since he was born
  • can go from screaming to smiling in 2 seconds flat, faster if you put him in a warm bath. He has never cried during a bath, never ever.
  • loves sleeping on his belly (yes, I know, I know)
  • furrows his eyebrows like an old man
  • smiles with his whole face
  • does mini push ups
  • has a fierce kick
  • still has crazy hands when he’s tired (they really have a mind of their own
  • has been known to pull his own hair
  • only likes to sleep in his room
  • is developing ticklish spots!
  • looks very chubby with his double chin but is actually long and kinda skinny
  • is the lightest out of all three boys but has the biggest feet
  • loves to “stand” and do airplanes more than any baby I know
  • loves shadows and Christmas lights to look at
  • finally tolerates his swing for short amounts of time
  • hangs onto his momma like a baby chimp when falling asleep
  • loves to find a chunk of hair to grab onto also
  • takes the bestest Instagram photos ever!

568  665  616

This baby boy kicks my butt on a daily basis, but he is oh-so worth it. and for the record, I got over not leaving the house without wearing make-up a long time ago. :)

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