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Life with BOYS – James

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James our now 7 year old, is our first born. We thought we knew what to expect before having him, but OH! were we wrong. James had classic colic: three hours of crying EVERY night from weeks 3-9? It’s really all a blur now. I do know that the comment was made AT THE HOSPITAL when he was 2 days old that the nurses had never seen a newborn awake and alert so much. We should’ve known then…

James is still very observant and detail-oriented. We have had him pegged for a policeman, judge or lawyer since he was about 6 months old. He is so very black and white…there is no gray in his eyes. He is stubborn and head-strong about his decisions…oh, just like his mom AND dad. :)

Quinn & James are 18 months apart, but James is obviously in the big brother in both stature and demeanor. We often have to remind him that he just needs to be a brother, not a parent, or a boss.  He is insightful, sensitive and wise beyond his years. Sometimes the things that come from his little mind provide me a new way of thinking.

James going down a slideIMG 3150

James at 7:

  • will be in 2nd grade.
  • currently in soccer. Most recently in wrestling, but notsomuch into it.
  • dislikes solitary play. He is our extrovert.
  • gets down right hyper, and subsequently rather annoying for no apparent reason.
  • is very intelligent, but sometimes tries to put forth as little effort as possible (working on it…)
  • is built physically just like his dad
  • has a hard time telling time
  • is great at spelling, math & reading
  • LOVES anything gross and/or science-y
  • loves knock knock jokes, especially if they make no sense (knock knock, who’s there? eyeball. eyeball who? eyeball nail mitten head!!! BWA-HA-HAA)
  • very curious about the world around him.
  • likes to rattle off fun facts. These books may have been made specifically for him!
  • cares deeply about his family.
  • LOVES to have the last word. (he got that from both of his parents!)
  • brings home hilarious pictures from school that he forgets we might see
  • is just getting to the phase where he is too cool to hold my hand or kiss me goodbye in public. :( what is that?!
  • recently switched from wanting to be a police scientist to wanting to be an animal biologist when he grows up.

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