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Life with BOYS- Quinn

Quinn's grin Quinn dancing

Quinn was our “baby” for 5 years, and is now our middle boy. He was the EASIEST baby you would ever meet, which makes up for his hot temper that makes a regular appearance now. You know that saying, “When (s)he was good, he was very very good, but when he was bad he was rotten?” That’s our Quinn.

He can never stay mad. He has the sweetest smile you’ll ever see, and eyes that sparkle like the devil.

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Quinn at age 5.5:

  • is very imaginative.
  • draws monsters and aliens and creatures from the unknown on every paper he can get his hands on
  • is a leftie!
  • is going into 1st grade.
  • doesn’t care so much for any sports.
  • is addicted to carbs, and actually says his dream world would have a carbohydrate world, a butter world and a sugar world.
  • is also addicted to fresh fruit, but especially berries of all kinds. He could pack 2 pints of raspberries away in a sitting if we let him.
  • refuses to ride a bike, but LOVES his big wheel.
  • can turn on his cuteness in a heartbeat if he wants something.
  • is as stubborn as stubborn gets!
  • instead of asking for something that he knows we will say no to, he says, “I really wish I could have _____,” or “I don’t know why, but I really just want to have ____ right now!”
  • loves hands on stuff: paint, clay, digging in dirt, etc.
  • can be braver than his older brother (shhh…don’t tell James) but handles pain terribly.
  • loves building his own Lego creations.
  • is a snuggler, always has been. He also gives fantastic hugs.
  • loves to ask random questions like, “What’s 112 +96?”
  • is a great little reader!

Quinn being silly

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