NICU Printable Milestone Cards – Mega Pack



These adorable NICU milestone cards are perfect for celebrating your little ones special NICU events. Each card is designed in uni-sex colors with cute fonts and patterns.

Cards are 4″ x 6″, high resolution, and high quality โ€” the perfect size for printing at home or at your local photo printer.

There are 35 (!) cards in this mega pack. That’s only 23ยข per card!

This mega pack contains the following:

  • A Person’s a Person no matter how small
  • Big Miracles have Small Beginnings
  • Happy Birthday Mommy!
  • Happy Birthday Daddy!
  • Small but Mighty
  • TODAY I am 2 lbs!
  • TODAY I am 3 lbs!
  • TODAY I am 4 lbs!
  • TODAY I am 5 lbs!
  • TODAY I am 6 lbs!
  • TODAY I am 100 days old!
  • TODAY I got off my CPAP
  • TODAY I got off my nasal cannula
  • TODAY I got off my ventilator
  • TODAY I had my first cuddle
  • TODAY I am 2 weeks old!
  • TODAY I am 3 weeks old!
  • TODAY I am 1 month old!
  • TODAY I am 2 months old!
  • TODAY I am 3 months old!
  • Hello World! I am new here
  • TODAY I am 1 week old!
  • TODAY I took my whole bottle
  • TODAY I was brave & got my immunizations
  • TODAY is my due date!
  • I ACED my car seat test!
  • TODAY I get to go home!
  • TODAY I got to wear clothes
  • My FIRST kangaroo cuddle with my dad
  • HOORAY! No more feeding tube!
  • TODAY I had my first bath
  • TODAY I came off oxygen
  • My FIRST kangaroo cuddle with my mom

5 packs are also available if you don’t want all the ones in the mega pack:


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