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The Hike (Early Spring)

IMG 3919
All of our boys, hanging out on a bridge over the creek.

Last weekend we went on a hike at a local forest preserve. It was a bit chilly out and none of the trees even had buds on them yet. But, it was nice enough out to take a walk in the woods.

We decided to bring Scout because he love walks, of course, and he also loves the woods. Our two oldest boys love hikes, but our youngest hates them. He says they are boring. *sigh* He seems to unfortunately be slightly addicted to screens.

IMG 3914
We started off a solid/paved path that was easy going.

The going was a bit muddy at times. We started off on a solid/paved section and then moved into the forest. The trails through the trees were wet and muddy. Unfortunately, they aren’t covered in gravel or anything like that. Just dead leaves and dirt. Because of this, we found ourselves walking along the sides of the trail on more solid ground at times. There are also no trail markers, so it was difficult at times navigating the correct way through the trees.

At one point, we came across another family doing the same thing. We exchanged pleasantries and let their kids pet Scout (at least the ones that weren’t afraid of him). Afterwards, we continued on, but soon discovered we had completely lost the trail! We were in the middle of the woods, with only a vague sense of which way to go.

This is where things got interesting. Luckily for us, the forest preserve we were in isn’t that large, so we knew generally which way we hand to go. I had also been hiking there before with our youngest, so I was kind of familiar with the terrain.

IMG 3923
Fungus among-us!

This didn’t help the fact that the forest floor was even more muddy than the trails however. We found our feet sinking into the ground anywhere from a few to several inches with each step. We also had to navigate through thorny bushes and fallen tree limbs. Scout was a trooper and either jumped over or went under the fallen trees. The boys had a grand old time doing the same.

Eventually we made it back to the paved trail we had started on. Once there, Quinn noticed that Scout was bleeding in his mouth! We stopped and looked him over. The bleeding was not bad luckily. We figured he must have caught his tongue on a thorn when we were crossing through woods. He hadn’t yelped or anything , so we knew he wasn’t in any pain.

We were all glad to be back on a paved path and out of the mud. Needless to say, our shoes were all a mess with mud and leaves stuck to them. We did our best to scrap the mud off on our way back to the car.

All of us were a bit tired, but glad to have gotten out of the house for some fresh air!

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