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This is your 13, Quinn.

Quinn at 13
Quinn with his candy card from Grandma.

My most difficult pregnancy, most difficult labor and my easiest baby, turned easy-going child. You were the baby that made us believe we could do this. That we should do this. This parenting thing. 

You are the second teenager in our house, and it’s hard for me to see that you don’t need me as much anymore. I haven’t had to bring your viola to school even once yet, but I’m still the best pillow fluffer. 
You are smiles and hugs. You are cautious confidence without arrogance. You love without judgement. You forgive and truly mean it. You are smart and mindful. In fact, I’m positive you’re more intelligent than me. You are my leftie in a world of righty’s. You might be the only 13 year old ever to read the news on his phone more than anything else. You are stars and light and love. 

You wear your heart on your sleeve and have bottomless love for those you care about, just like me, and your dad’s persistent pragmatism. You are oh-so unique, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Much love today as you turn 13, and always my dear boy. May you always need a hug. I love you more, always.

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