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Treetop Shenanigans

IMG 4156
James and Quinn on a treetop platform

Yesterday Angie and I took the boys to Go Ape in Western Springs. We all had a blast! James complained a bit about having to go on the Junior course, but after we started on it, he stopped complaining. 🙂 Quinn seemed OK with going, even though in the past he has mentioned a fear of heights. Asher was very excited. He kept mentioning how he’s a big parkour fan, and this was perfect for him…

What is Go Ape? Well, it’s kind of like an obstacle course through the trees. You’re maybe 25-30 feet above the ground, walking (sometimes crawling) on platforms, rope bridges, and other things that would make someone with acrophobia shudder. 😉 You move from tree to tree on “bridges” of a sort. Of course, you’re harnessed to a steel cable to keep you from falling to the ground.

IMG 4108
Asher on the rope bridge

We went on the Junior course because Asher is too young for the Advanced course. They told us it would take about an hour of time to get through it. They start you off easy, on the ‘1st loop’ — the challenges on this course aren’t too bad. You still have to balance yourself to keep from falling. The ‘2nd loop’ is a bit more challenging— the courses aren’t as easy to balance yourself on, and some of them swing a bit. The ‘3rd loop’ is the hardest. In this loop, there are 2 courses that have very precarious swinging features that I for one found difficult to navigate.

At the end of each loop there is a zip line you go down into a giant mound of wood mulch. Needless to say, the zip line on the Junior course is designed for kids. Angie and I were not terribly graceful in our landings! In fact, we could tell the whole Junior course was designed for kids as it was difficult in some spots to get through the course. I suppose that’s what I get for being a 6′ 2″ grown-up going through an obstacle course labeled “Junior”.

James navigating one of the coursesI was very proud of Angie. She was the ONLY mom that was on the course. All the other Moms were below us watching their kids. Wimps! 😉 There was one other dad up doing the course. He was ahead of us, so I kept a close eye on him to see how he navigated each course.

We all made it through the 3 loops. The boys did an amazing job balancing and making it look easy. They put Angie and me to shame. It took us about an hour and 15 minutes or so. By the end we were all tired and sweaty. But it was a ton of fun! I’m probably going to take James and Quinn back to go on the Advanced course later this year… wish me luck…

There are Go Apes across the country. Not one in every state, but they have them close to many large cities. I would highly recommend taking your kids there! It’s a blast! 🙂

We all did it!

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